Mo3 – Comment répondre aux nouvelles spécifications/justifications d’EWIS (Electrical Wiring Interconnecting System)?


Facing with the climate emergency, the aviation industry is working hard to develop more and more electric aircraft prototypes. But how to demonstrate their ability to fly in the context of daily use at the same time as the legislator outlines the regulatory framework?
Air mobility race is on, but how many projects will be stuck behind the expensive and time-consuming certification barrier?

Validate as soon as possible the compliance to EWIS regulations for electrical harnesses design choices is a major issue obtaining the Type Certificate.
To achieve this, how can we identify non-conformity issues? can we exploit the digital mockup? Can the verification to regulation be automated implementing a quality control system in a virtual development tool? Could the system suggest to designers changes in geometry to be in compliance with the regulations?

Does such a system can be considered as a pro-active learning tool about EWIS certification for designers

These are the questions we propose to discuss during this debate

Nota : la présentation et le débat seront en Français.

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